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MP Adam Vaughan on missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls

Posted on September 19, 2014 | No Comments

My new colleague Adam Vaughan, MP for Trinity-Spadina, wrote a moving piece for Now Toronto detailing his relationship with an Aboriginal woman who is now one of the more than 1200 missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada:

“It doesn’t matter what put Cat on the street; because it was our street it was our responsibility to make sure she didn’t die there. But she did. Cat’s is one name on the long list of murdered or missing indigenous women.”

Read the full article here.

Reading about his relationship with Cat made his eloquent words today in the House of Commons, holding the Conservative government to account for their disappointing response to the report of the Special Committee on Violence Against Indigenous Women, all the more poignant.

See below for a transcript of Adam’s interventions in the House debate today on the governments misleading “Actoin Plan”, which fails to deliver any new resources or any coordinated strategy to deal with this ongoing tragedy.

Mr. Adam Vaughan (Trinity—Spadina, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, if there was ever an issue that should not be partisan and that should not divide members of the House, this is perhaps one of those issues which defines a circumstance in this country that really challenges us.

The issue that is in front of us requires more than just simply trotting out a list of things that have been done and which have clearly left us short of a solution. Clearly, it is a list of programs that have not delivered us the safety or even security of our friends and family members. Rather, it is a list of programs that need to be changed if we are going to solve this challenge.

The question is what needs to be on that list that is not on it? We have not got an answer to that. I would like to know what other steps should be there.

Mr. Adam Vaughan (Trinity—Spadina, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, I have listened with great interest to this list of programs, largely announcements that were made before my arrival in the House of Commons. If they were effective, we would not have a list with 1,200 names on it.

While the focus is clear that there is work to be done sometimes within the community that is affected, quite frankly, the dynamic is right across the country and exists on and off reserve, in rural Canada and urban Canada, in the east and the west.

My question is: Clearly, when there is a need for a new approach to tackle a problem which we have not solved, why is the announcement about response to a problem instead of the steps that are required to prevent this problem? Why are we falling back on a list of old programs that have failed rather than reaching out to find new programs that are clearly required to solve a dynamic which is absolutely, fundamentally unacceptable?


Dr. Jim Miller on “The Relationship”

Posted on September 18, 2014 | No Comments

With Dr. MillerIt was wonderful to attend Dr. Jim Miller’s talk this morning at the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada’s Big Thinking Breakfast.  Dr. Miller spoke at length about the relationship, both past and present, between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians.

You can see some information on the SSHRC’s Aboriginal research projects here.

Welcome to Ottawa!

Posted on September 17, 2014 | No Comments

I was so proud to walk my new colleague Adam Vaughan into the House of Commons for his swearing in on Monday.  Very happy to have both he and Arnold Chan as part of our Liberal Caucus and I know they will make great additions to the team.

No new action in the Conservative’s “action plan”

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The ‘Action Plan’ tabled in the House of Commons this week does nothing new to actually ‘Stop the Violence’ against Indigenous women and girls. Unfortunately the […]

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In the House: Emergency Debate on Ebola

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I was so proud to stand yesterday and contribute to the House of Commons emergency debate on Ebola. You can see both the video and transcript […]

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In the House: September 15

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Today was the first day of the fall session of the House of Commons and I rose this afternoon to question the government about their failure […]

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Liberals have long been pushing for a national childcare strategy

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Almost a decade ago, the Liberal government of Paul Martin successfully negotiated childcare deals with all ten of the provinces, something previous attempts to deal with […]

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World Suicide Prevention Day… important to emphasize the crisis in Indigenous Communities

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Here’s an excellent toolkit from the Centre for Suicide Prevention Suicide Prevention Toolkit Aborginal Communities Again we must examine the root causes of this epidemic and […]

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National Day of Service Foundation/PTSD

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Press Conference Maureen Basnicki, Founder of the Canadian National Day of Service Foundation (CNDSF) and co-founder of C-CAT – The Canadian Coalition Against Terror will be […]

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RCMP to update missing-persons policy amid calls for national inquiry

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Kathryn Blaze Carlson WINNIPEG — The Globe and Mail Last updatedFriday, Sep. 05 2014, 8:14 PM EDT After pledging to ramp up efforts to address the […]

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